Tips and Tricks

8 TIPS TO TAKE PROFESSIONAL KID'S PORTRAITS with a digital camera, or even your phone.


Kids grow up fast, and oh mine do they change fast. Every parent want to capture their children's growing up year, but by the time you saved enough money to buy your professional full frame camera (and master the art of photography), your kids are probably married... and with kids.

Luckily you can still make use of these handy tips to take professional looking photographs with just your digital camera, and I’m just kidding about the phone.


1) Get a natural, colourful background.
Dont worry about not finding one. Kids like to hang around in places that reflect their mood, and in this case you can always find them smiling at your neighborhood playground, arcade centres, or hogging the ti-kum machines.

2) Take them at their eye level, not yours.
Children see the world differently than adults. By taking portraits at their eye level, you capture their world as they see it. Don’t be afraid to kneel.

3) Take from a different perspective
Ok so you are egoistic, and you just wouldn’t kneel. Take them from a totally different perspective! Climb.

4) Look away.
Sometimes looking off the camera produce wonders. It creates a wonder-what-that-kid-is-thinking-of kinda feeling.

5) Focus on the eye
For close up shots, or shots that feature their eyes, you have to focus on the closest eye to the camera. Everything else can be off focus except the eye. Its the window to their soul.

6) Ask them to do something weird, and snap that moment.
Yea kids like to do weird things, they are just waiting to be told what to told. Step them out of their comfort zone and capture that moment, it’s filled with utmost enthusiasm.

7) Crop them.
Don’t be afraid to crop. Its 2013, and you don’t need  to keep the whole body within a frame (for good You want to capture their mood and expression, not the stubborn strand of hair that keep sticking up.

8) Get candid, shoot OFF time.
Shoot off time, shoot more times. You can always expect a more natural smile when you shoot earlier, or when you shoot unexpectedly.
Snap at 2 and a half, not 3.