Photo on Canvas - A Great Option to Perputuate Memory

Like any other part of the world, the people of Singapore also like to enrich their lives through retaining their cherishable moments in life. They do this by selecting important moments in their lives, which is available in the form of a photo, by using the photo to canvas Singapore option. They give their photo or photos to the specialist who will design and print the photo on a canvas, finish and handover back in just 3- 4 days. The customer can hang them proudly. Photo to canvas Singapore is an evolved business and a thriving one. You must give it a try to know how it works. 

Singapore Printing on Canvas – Long Lasting Way to Print and Keep

Singapore is a city that takes to modern technology such as fish to water. Printing on canvas Singapore is one such example. There are many service providers in Singapore that offer service of printing on canvas and customers really appreciate their service. They import the canvas cloth, which is made 100% of special cotton fabric, from North America and there are professional artists who design them. The printing technology used by them is also quite unique. Printing on canvas Singapore also involves laminating the canvas after the printing and mounting it on a suitable frame, finishing it and fixing a hook and a line for hanging the canvas print.  

Photos Look Great On Canvas and Last Very Long

If you wish to have select photos and have them enlarged, for placing in a prominent place in your house, so that you and your guests can keep viewing it and enjoy themfor years to come, then you should adopt the photo to canvas printing route. This process involves the designing of the photo to be adapted to the size of the canvas, then printing the photo onto the canvas using printers and inks, specially meant for this purpose, and then laminating and securing the canvas print onto a suitable frame.Photo to canvas is a dependable process for preserving precious photographs and the images they represent for years and years.

Canvas Prints For a Lifetime of Viewing and Preserving

There are occasions in your life that you capture in an image, say a photograph, and you wish to keep it forever. Having a photo on a computer or even a photo album might not be the best answer to keeping the photos safe for years.Printing on canvas is the answer. Canvas enables  better output without the glare you notice in the usual photo frames while viewing in a well-lit  room. The average  lifespan of a canvas print is 75 years, even if just hung on a wall and not allowed to gather dust. This is the reason many people prefer printing on canvas, of images or photos, that they wish to retain for a long period. 

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Tips and Tricks

8 TIPS TO TAKE PROFESSIONAL KID'S PORTRAITS with a digital camera, or even your phone.


Kids grow up fast, and oh mine do they change fast. Every parent want to capture their children's growing up year, but by the time you saved enough money to buy your professional full frame camera (and master the art of photography), your kids are probably married... and with kids.

Luckily you can still make use of these handy tips to take professional looking photographs with just your digital camera, and I’m just kidding about the phone.


1) Get a natural, colourful background.
Dont worry about not finding one. Kids like to hang around in places that reflect their mood, and in this case you can always find them smiling at your neighborhood playground, arcade centres, or hogging the ti-kum machines.

2) Take them at their eye level, not yours.
Children see the world differently than adults. By taking portraits at their eye level, you capture their world as they see it. Don’t be afraid to kneel.

3) Take from a different perspective
Ok so you are egoistic, and you just wouldn’t kneel. Take them from a totally different perspective! Climb.

4) Look away.
Sometimes looking off the camera produce wonders. It creates a wonder-what-that-kid-is-thinking-of kinda feeling.

5) Focus on the eye
For close up shots, or shots that feature their eyes, you have to focus on the closest eye to the camera. Everything else can be off focus except the eye. Its the window to their soul.

6) Ask them to do something weird, and snap that moment.
Yea kids like to do weird things, they are just waiting to be told what to told. Step them out of their comfort zone and capture that moment, it’s filled with utmost enthusiasm.

7) Crop them.
Don’t be afraid to crop. Its 2013, and you don’t need  to keep the whole body within a frame (for good You want to capture their mood and expression, not the stubborn strand of hair that keep sticking up.

8) Get candid, shoot OFF time.
Shoot off time, shoot more times. You can always expect a more natural smile when you shoot earlier, or when you shoot unexpectedly.
Snap at 2 and a half, not 3.